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Play around with PubMed some.

There's huge problems in most of the nutritional studies they do though so I wouldn't get your hopes up.

When they have people who are previously high carb do something like Zone.. they only have them do it for like 2 weeks which is not even enough time to adapt to the diet. Then they go and say something like "the participants on Zone had decreased performance and lack of energy." Well... no crap they had decreased energy... their bodies we're able to metabolize enough fat to sustain energy output yet. Dumb.

There's a lot of different stuff you're looking for in your OP... gotta be more specific what you're looking for. Performance + low carb..... vs. longevity + low carb.... and BTW, Zone isn't really low carb. I don't really know why stupid studies and people keep referring to it as low carb. Retarded.
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