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Honestly if they don't want to listen your not gonna make them.... but asking them if they want results and asking them why then they wont listen to your methods of helping them receive the results they want may help build a open communication that will at least get down to the real deal. Maybe down one less client if they arenít reachable.
I acutallly had to even show pics of me in my teen years and early 20s at times

Its also really hard to keep reminding these guys not to use the scale as a basis of progress.

The Zone is horrid for mass gain. Fat should come from ANIMALS, not plant sources. If they want mass gain you have them eat everything in sight and tons of milk. You don't put them on a calorie restrictive diet (Zone) and expect huge mass gains. If you want em to go more Paleo, great, I do that myself, but don't put them on this measuring crap because they won't follow it when their body is trying to produce muscle. They will eat because their body is telling them to do so to build.
Noted. I just have to remind them that they need to build muscle EVERYTIME so they can worry about leaning out later.

I basically tell them if its a plan or animal, its fair game. anything proc essed or any sweets should be kept to a minimum.

Go the old BB route.....lower/moderate carbs off/cardio days....a crap load of carbs pwo....train weights 3x a week with workouts focused on strength and follow up with glycogen depletion/hypertrophy training. The build up of muscle will help to burn the fat on the off/cardio lower carb days.
I started a few with SS since a lot of them are really weak. Some could barely even bench the bar when they were starting out.

Once thier strength has shot up a bit, I put them on a 5x5/westside mix to allow enough volume an d heavy lifting to get them stronger while putting on size.

I'm guessing you must not be training in the US.....we have the opposite problem here!
Yup I'm in in the US. But, I also have to deal with clents wanting fatloss. I'm just glad I haven'tencountered any 350+ guys yet
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