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Originally Posted by Steven Low View Post
Play around with PubMed some.

There's huge problems in most of the nutritional studies they do though so I wouldn't get your hopes up.

When they have people who are previously high carb do something like Zone.. they only have them do it for like 2 weeks which is not even enough time to adapt to the diet. Then they go and say something like "the participants on Zone had decreased performance and lack of energy." Well... no crap they had decreased energy... their bodies we're able to metabolize enough fat to sustain energy output yet. Dumb.

Agreed that is one of the things that got Evan started was that the people he works with sighted a study exactly like the one you have described....

Not about the zone but Steve do you have any studies about High carb feeding pre workout and the effects on fat metabolism durring exertion? or posibly performance?

The study i posted last infers there is no benifit to pre WO feeding as to performance during 30 min. run for highly trained runners. The thing I didn't like is the control group had a sweetened placibo in those not fed befor the exertion... Not ideal to have an insulin response to a no caloric beverage and then exert energy but still it was interesting to see that there was no advantage to the glucose and infact the fructose seemed to be the worst (though only marginaly).
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