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Originally Posted by Greg Everett View Post
I don't think (hope) anyone is intending to disrespect Charniga - As Enrique said, he has done a great deal for the sport and deserves an equal degree of respect. That doesn't mean agreeing with everything he says (or even anything, necessarily), but certainly understanding that he undoubtedly has good reasons for his opinions.

Between this and the other thread, it's a little dodgy with regards to opinions of Charniga himself rather than what he's saying. Let's just try to keep comments focused on the material exclusively.

No disrepect intended on this end for Mr. C or his contribution to his respective sport. I encourage anyone who wants, read the whole article, written by a K. Garrat, for context. I read it as very tongue in cheek, hoorah to the troops sort of thing......(god I hope it was a joke).

The Artilce seems to have caused some apoplexy over at Marunde Muscle, many members of which take SM very seriously. Again, encourage anyone who wants to check some of the training logs over there, many many eye opening approaches to training events along the lines of some of the "hybrid programming" discussed here only with loads and techniques that make your eyes hurt.....
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