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Originally Posted by John Barky View Post
first of all i love this forum and its massive information about intermittent fasting.
im ifing since 3 weeks now (17h/7h). the first week has been absolutly awesome. my energy levels were over the roof, mentally focused, physically strong, i was so in touch with my life. i would have done anything not to lose this feeling.
but after 1 week a little change came in.
i had hard times falling asleep, my legs were so 'heavy' and sore which was really challenging (blood pressure?). in the morning i could sleep until 11am.
my energy levels dropped, positive thinking faded. why is that happening?

i combined if and lowcarb. have my glykogenstores been depleted? i tried to fill up some carbs, but it was never the same

what went wrong?
If you went low carb the whole time your body is catching up and is going through the process of using protein for its energy. You need to make sure even if you are doing IF you are getting enough food during the eating times.
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