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Originally Posted by Chris Forbis View Post
5 gallon glass carboy
Bottling Bucket
Siphon w/ tube
59 bottles + caps
Bottle capper

5.5 gallons pasteurized apple juice (no preservative additives)
1 packet dry yeast (I use Nottingham Ale yeast, you can try champagne yeast)

1. Sanitize carboy, funnel, and airlock. (Soak in 1 tbsp of bleach per gallon of water, followed by a rinsing with clean water.)
2. Dump yeast through funnel into carboy.
3. Pour in 5 gallons of juice.
4. Cap with airlock (I fill mine half full with vodka).
5. Wait 3 weeks.
6. Sanitize bucket, siphon & tube, bottles & caps. (I like to run my bottles through the dishwasher to sanitize.) Rinse bleached stuff after.
7. Pour last 1/2 gallon of juice into bucket.
8. Siphon 5 gallons from carboy into bucket.
9. Bottle and cap.
10. Wait two to three weeks.
11. Enjoy your sparkling, hard apple cider.


Seriously, I enjoy a good batch of homebrew beer as much as the next guy, but you have to respect a batch that avoids gluten and is ridiculously easy to make (damn cheap too!)
You have hard apple juice. Stick to cider at the beginning, then you have hard apple cider. Gives more for the yeast to feed on, and the more the yeast feed, the more the alcohol content. Filter it when its done to get ride of the sludge.

I'm a homemade winemaker myself, but I just use a butter churn and use grapes/blueberries and dried apricots. Pretty redneck, but it tastes better than anything I could have ever had in Napa Valley.
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