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Originally Posted by Chris Salvato View Post

Is it really that bad to give nutrition advice as a trainer? I think sports nutrition goes way beyond the scope of a registered dietician who recommends the god awful food pyramid...
It can result in a big legal mess for you if something goes wrong. If all you recommend is "eat real food, and get some protein, carbs, and fat at each meal," then that's good enough advice that the client will do well, and general enough that you probably couldn't be accused of practicing dietetics. However, if you begin to give saying what food should be eaten or avoided, or give any advice that would be considered crazy by the masses ("avoid grain," "fast for 18hrs a day," "eat cholesterol-filled foods, it doesn't matter," etc.) and the client has some sensitivity/intolerance/condition that causes things to go kaplooey... Wouldn't end well.
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