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Originally Posted by Matthieu Hertilus View Post

So basically I'm asking:
- Is it better to eat in a specific feeding window or can I just eat whenever I'mhungry (provided their clean paleo food which they always are)?
-If it's better to stick to a feeding window, should I try to aim for a certain amount of meals, calories, or protein in this window?
-How long should these feeding windows last?
For me personally, I have to eat in the specific window or else I'll never eat. When I'm on IF, I never really get hungry anymore... I only eat because I like food, and to gain/maintain weight/performance.

My windows are anywhere from 5-8hrs. I try to aim for the calories I'd normally eat over an entire day... but it almost always comes out to less because I have a hard time cramming it all in.

However, like the replies above, once you try it out and experiment for a couple months, you'll develop your own style of IF.
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