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Originally Posted by Timothy Scalise View Post
awesome, I cant wait till I have a place with a garage, so I can get my own set as well. how much did your set run you? and how many kg is it?

Werksan sets are not cheap. Sorta the Rolls Royce of weightlifting equipment. The Bars are top of the line. Set comes with 25, 20, 15, and 10kg bumpers. The loose smaller plates run I think run 5kgs, 2kgs, 1kgs, and .5 kgs. Then the collars are 2.5kg a piece.

Mine's an economy training set. Not the competition set. I don't want to die too young.

I already have about 400 pounds of kraiburg bumpers, and 2 25kg werksan and 2 10kg werksan at my home gym, in addition to a wholllllllle bunch of other stuff (jerk boxes, technique boxes, power cage, kettlebell sets 8kg to 48kg, axles, stones, rings, all my lumberjack stuff, etc. - It's my man cave/fortress of solitude).

The older I get the more I love training at home, but the Charleston YMCA recently granted me approval to construct a platform in the Weight training area. I'm going to donate some of the kraiburgs to the cause.

I'm starting to get others in my area intersted in olympic lifting. It's such an awesome sport. No super suits, no knee wraps, no nothing - just yourself and a barbell.

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