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Originally Posted by Allen Yeh View Post
Now all you have to do is start lifting "real" weights....

Seriously though that is sweet, I think you should throw some pics of your home gym in here.
:-D Agreed on the real weights part. If only I could clean what I can jerk. This time last year I could axle clean and press more than I could clean and jerk with a barbell. My clean is slowly approaching my pulling capacity. This time last year, I was cleaning about 33% of what I could deadlift. Now, I'm over 40%. No real goal at this point other than perfecting the technique as best I can.

I think all the pics of my home gym I have at work are really dated, but I'll look and see. Yeah, the ones i've added are over two years old. Doesn't have the parthanon 12x8 platform and the jerk boxes, etc. in it. I'll update later. I'm very proud of my man cave. It's pretty dirty right now. I've been event training quite a bit lately.

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Lifting heavy stuff is fun and relative......
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