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Originally Posted by Steven Low View Post
Unfortunately, not everyone responds well to ketogenic diets..... just like not everyone responds well to high carb.

Highly dependent on the person's ability to adapt which is why it's a good idea for people to experiment and see which works best for them.
Indeed. But he said he's got to drop 30 pounds just to be ELIGIBLE. That means he probably needs to lose closer to 50 pounds of fat to get to a good healthy BF%.

With high carb, he's far more likely to lose a lot of lean mass he'll miss when he needs it most. A ketogenic diet will let him train hard (after he's keto-adapted) while he strips off the fat fast and doesn't feel like he's starving the whole time like he probably would on the equivalent high carb diet.

Then, when he's close to goal weight, he can either lighten up and add back a few carb calories or switch back to whatever style of eating suits him for feeling his best long term.

You're right, keto-adapting feels terrible for some folks and they never feel 100% while they're in ketosis. But it is protein sparing and strips fat like there's no tomorrow. Good for fast adjustments like he's talking about.
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