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Originally Posted by Emily Mattes View Post
I have some experience with what you're talking about.

I lost a little less than 20lbs of fat, while building a little bit of muscle. I do competitive Olympic lifting so it was incredibly important to me to maintain or gain my muscle mass over the course of weight loss.

I have done so through an extremely low-carb diet (<50g on rest days, 50g-100g on workout days), somewhat restricting calories (aiming for 1800-2100kcal/day for an 187lbs female, now 171lbs), and being fanatic about my protein intake--I started out getting 1g/lbs and now aim for 1.4-1.5g/lbs. I actually went through a six-week squat cycle and did excellently. I failed to produce a good max squat at the end, but that was due to a new 70-90 hour/week completely derailing my lifting, sleeping, and eating for the last week or so of it rather than the diet.

My lifts are improving and as far as I can tell I haven't lost any muscle mass. I eat sweet potatoes for post-workout carbs, and otherwise the most high-glycemic thing I eat is maybe berries in cottage cheese in the morning. Otherwise it's all green vegetables.

I could probably be getting stronger faster if I was eating a higher number of calories, but for my weight-loss goals I've been extremely pleased with how it's been working out.
I'm confused are you trying to lose weight or gain it? Muscle as we all know is heavier, so why is weight an issue other than for your competitive weight class? I think you are more worried about body composition, and weight has only to do with your class.
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