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Originally Posted by Arden Cogar Jr. View Post
Moreover, I would question what that policy (referred to in the article) actually covers. Odds are it would exclude a lot of the things discussed in the article.
That's something I'm a bit concerned about too. I don't plan on renewing my insurance through ACE's discount company again unless I can make sure it'll cover me, both in my business and personally. But of course, insurance is just the reverse-lottery. Playing it safe is the best thing you can do. No "Cindy's" with jumping pull-ups on a client's first day...

Chris, I only give the general advice of "eat real food," along with Scott Kustes' article (Nutrition 101: Eat Real Food), Robb Wolf's "Shopping," and some papers to log stuff on. For most people, that's all they even need anyway, assuming you'll be able to convince them to change their diet at all. I've never actually had any client for long enough to get to such an advanced stage where things like IF or Paleo might become important. If I were to have a client for several months, and I had proven myself to be a reputable trainer, I might explain it as an "option," but not as any sort of "recommendation." Most people won't even need it, though.
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