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Originally Posted by Ben Fury View Post
Traditional Inuit had access to zero supplements and managed very well.
I may be wrong but I doubt that Brandon is an Inuit or that he has access to rancid whale or seal blubber or any other traditional Inuit foods therefore he'd need supplements.

Originally Posted by Ben Fury
Yes, Burke's pro-carbohydrate views and dismissal of keto-adaptation are not news. I know both strength and distance athletes who are competing while in ketosis who claim that they're unimpaired.
Anecdotal evidence is worse than useless. Where are the studies showing that athletic performance is improved or at the very least not impaired in some way by a ketogenic diet?

Originally Posted by Ben Fury
I'm less concerned with their competitive status than the state of their health. The thing I like is they all have TG/HDL ratios under 2, showing excellent cardiovascular health and low risk of heart disease. Finishing the very long race of life well is the race I'm most interested in.
I guess you're unaware of the longevity of the Japanese on their traditional high carb diet or the low rates of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and diet related cancers throughout Japan, China, Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Burma and...... well the whole of South-East Asia really despite their traditional high carb diet?
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