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Originally Posted by Timothy Scalise View Post
your a good man. and you never know when you might want to do reverse hypers and now you can, just look at it that away lol. I think all you really could add to that would be a GHD.
Actually, the reverse hyper has a GHD attachment. I thought it through pretty well in assembling the crap I've got in there.

Funny story, my 11 year old is kinda spoiled when it comes to gyms. She has her second weightlifting comp coming up in a few months. Thus far, she's trained at my home gym, Moorestown Weightlifting club, and Pittsburgh Barbell. I took her up to the Y a few weeks ago and she was walking through the weightlifting area and looked at me in amazement. I was, like, "what?" She says to me, "where's the platform? We can't lift without a platform."

That was the point when I realized I would volunteer to build a platform.

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