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Originally Posted by George Mounce View Post
I'm confused are you trying to lose weight or gain it? Muscle as we all know is heavier, so why is weight an issue other than for your competitive weight class? I think you are more worried about body composition, and weight has only to do with your class.
I am more worried about body composition right now. I just used weight as shorthand. My approximate body fat has dropped from about 35% to 26% (using a tape measure, so who knows how accurate it is).

I'd like to see if I can get down to the 69kg weight class, but if when there I'm at a level of leanness that is too difficult to maintain without going diet-crazy and sacrificing my workouts, then I will bulk back up to stick around at 75kg.

EDIT: Oh, I think my post was confusing. I have been eating 1800-2000kcal a day, and have dropped from 187 to 171.
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