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Originally Posted by Emily Mattes View Post
I'd like to see if I can get down to the 69kg weight class, but if when there I'm at a level of leanness that is too difficult to maintain without going diet-crazy and sacrificing my workouts, then I will bulk back up to stick around at 75kg.
Yes, exactly. Shave body fat by reasonable amounts and then see if that's a strong, healthy weight for you. I would expect performance to stay high down into the high teens and start to drop off in the mid teens.

But you find a comfortable BF% for you. Don't let society, fashion or Coach Ben tell you any different from what you feel is your best body composition! A lady friend used to torture herself to be an unhealthy size 2. Now she's a healthy size 5 and has better energy and gets lots of complements. Fighting her natural pear shape just ended up not being worth the struggle. Now she's a fit, healthy pear with a very healthy glow!
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