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He doesn't mention that his crash diets, explicitly Rapid Fat Loss being a PSMF because ketosis doesn't matter as far as fat loss is concerned.

For people who have a lot of weight to lose (men well over 15% bf would fit this group), low carb diets tend to work great, but it's not because they're in ketosis. Their hormone profiles are usually good (insulin is usually screwy though) and the body knows it's not starving.

I've made points in the past that I think a lot of people would do way better with fewer carbs in their diets, as in well under 100 grams. And I stand by that as most people dont' do anything throughout the day except get up, go to work, come home, watch tv and go to sleep. How glycogen demanding is that?

They pretty much just need to hit their protein requirement and EFA's (the premise of RFL from what I understand). After that, there's not a lot of caloric wiggle room in terms of carbs and fats.
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