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Originally Posted by michael blevins View Post
This is also where I think you need to decide on whether or not it is a sport specific applicication. I think we can all agree that kind of endurance training is only good for..well endurance. HIIT and GPP are great ways to stay in shape but running 3 miles a week is not going to win you any 50k's or ultra marathons. I honestly hate running but try to get in 10 miles a week to prep fro triathlons. And I mostly work on the bike(this early in the season and Im only hitting about 150miles a week). Where I start to get worn down is if I load too much strength training with this high capacity I still lift WAY more than the average triathlete but keep it down the closer I get to the season.
That was kind of a basic blurb about over training, although exersize is a complementary stress it can become a very harmful one if over done or not recovered from properly. Almost more important than workload, recovery and nutrition should be watched just as closely.
just my $0.02
Most people I have dealt with don't have a goal of winning an ultramarathon though -- their goal, if it is endurance based like that, is to just COMPLETE an ultramarathon. Even for just completing an ultra marathon I would think that 6 of the 12 months leading up to the event could be mostly HIIT as opposed to long term endurance.

Maybe those last 6 months they can ramp up to the super-long-distance just as an act of pain tolerance but with very HIIT and a moderate pace during the event I think that completion of a super-long-run would be easy given enough mental conditioning with low volume for most of the time.

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