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February 26, 2007

Crossfit Challenge in Alexandria, VA

3 rounds - 20 seconds of the following:
jumping jacks
split jumps
side to side jumps
added squat thrusts after first round
added mountain climbers after 2nd round

Samson stretch
elbow to ankle stretch
piriformis stretch

Reviewed squats, pushups, situps, jumping pullup/chin

As many rounds in 16 minutes:
6 pushups
9 jumping pullups
12 situps
15 squats

I completed 12 rounds + 6 pushups and 8 jumping pullups

Cleans w/ medicine ball or KB
3 rounds - 30 seconds on/30 off

-Jerry Hill provided a great environment and 2 of the people in there were definitely novices and he gave a lot of encouragement and kept everyone motivated. Had 2 pairs of rings setup and 3 pullup bars (from a line rather than fixed in place).
-workout: I was definitely regreting the tabata goblet squats from yesterday during this workout. I was able to keep a pretty good pace going the situps slowed me down a little on the latter half.

45 minutes of SMR w/ Lacrosse Ball
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