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I think a year ago I would have agreed, and six months might be enough to finish, and it is true that most people dont compete at an elite which case hybrid or CF would be great , again I see it as just GPP. But since I started endurance efforts over the last year Ive learned the hard way, you need to put in the miles to be able to place as a top finisher. I believe what you are talking about they refer to as "short lunch" and its been dissproven over and over, but only with elite athletes. There just doesnt seem to be a replacment for slow twitch long efforts besides actually doing them. I am an easy target for over training, and I have to be very careful about my mixture of high intensity with long pulls. when Im not focusing on races I can put down some mean HIIT work a few times a day which definatley built a good base for suffering in th long run. But everybody has their own theory and way and the only thing we can do is research and test ourselves.
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