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Originally Posted by Darryl Shaw View Post
And yet the review article you cite states that supplements are required on a ketogenic diet...... so which of you is wrong?
Neither. We are referring to different metabolic states.

Phinney's 1983 cyclist study used sodium/potassium supplementation while the cyclists were undergoing keto-adaptation and continuing to train hard.

The Inuit require no special supplementation since they are already keto-adapted.

Originally Posted by Darryl Shaw View Post
No studies?
I did not say "no studies", I said the studies that "need" to be done. i.e. studies in fully keto-adapted individuals. If you are so inclined, please tell me how many of your studies were conducted on individuals who were fully keto-adapted for greater than 4 weeks? Studying non keto-adapted people after tossing them onto a ketogenic diet and then stating they had performance deficits is just a waste of research dollars. Of course they did. That's like saying, "I put diesel in my gasoline engine and it ran terrible." and then concluding that diesel is lousy fuel.
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