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Originally Posted by Ben Fury View Post
I did not say "no studies", I said the studies that "need" to be done. i.e. studies in fully keto-adapted individuals. If you are so inclined, please tell me how many of your studies were conducted on individuals who were fully keto-adapted for greater than 4 weeks? Studying non keto-adapted people after tossing them onto a ketogenic diet and then stating they had performance deficits is just a waste of research dollars. Of course they did. That's like saying, "I put diesel in my gasoline engine and it ran terrible." and then concluding that diesel is lousy fuel.
This is so true.

For any moderate, low or very low/no carb diet the studies ONLY do it for like 2-3 weeks.

I'm always like WTF? This doesn't give me any useful information AT ALL. Your study is a piece of crap.
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