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Originally Posted by Arien Malec View Post
This is factually untrue. The absolute amount of protein and fat has barely budged over the years (fat went up a bit for men, down for women, 50 kcal difference either way). The increased caloric intake has been of carbohydrates, and particularly of the processed sort (we've also seen a rather profound switch from sources of sat fat - red meat and whole milk - to PUFAs from vegetable oils).
Originally Posted by Mike ODonnell View Post
While calories did increase.....% fat/protein went down while % carb Yes, they did become fatter because of excess carb/cal consumption....too bad you can't blame red meat for this one.
Americans got fat because portion sizes and the availability of cheap high calorie density foods increased while levels of physical activity decreased. There is nothing inherantly obesogenic about carbohydrates, indeed most of the worlds population eats a high carb diet without getting fat, so to single out carbs as the sole cause of Americas epidemic levels of obesity is a gross oversimplification of the problem.
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