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I was thinking:

None of you have defined "high carb", but you all agree on ketogenic as this is an established state of metabolism. What makes a diet "high carb" according to the brains in this discussion? 60%? 70%?

Charts! Thanks MOD, a good chart can go a long way. Unfortunately my current job is chart and statistics hell so I can appreciate a chart.

Darryl got me curious with his comment about high carb so I found some charts to further the discussion:

Major sources of carbohydrate - world production 1961-1994

Energy from the dominant starch staples, 1990-1992

Energy from carbohydrate by food group and as a % of total carbohydrate. Food balance data -1964 and 1994


Also since we all like studies, here is one done: Association between dietary changes and mortality rates: Israel 1949 to 1977; a trend-free regression

Also the WHO disagrees that only the US and Europe are fat and getting fatter (

The likelihood of developing Type 2 diabetes and hypertension rises steeply with increasing body fatness. Confined to older adults for most of the 20th century, this disease now affects obese children even before puberty. Approximately 85% of people with diabetes are type 2, and of these, 90% are obese or overweight. And this is increasingly becoming a developing world problem. In 1995, the Emerging Market Economies had the highest number of diabetics. If current trends continue, India and the Middle Eastern crescent will have taken over by 2025. Large increases would also be observed in China, Latin America and the Caribbean, and the rest of Asia.
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