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Originally Posted by Darryl Shaw View Post
Americans got fat because portion sizes and the availability of cheap high calorie density foods increased while levels of physical activity decreased. There is nothing inherantly obesogenic about carbohydrates, indeed most of the worlds population eats a high carb diet without getting fat, so to single out carbs as the sole cause of Americas epidemic levels of obesity is a gross oversimplification of the problem.
Same beating of a dead horse.....different thread.....

Yes....there is a huge difference between real carbs and processed carbs
Yes....real carbs are not evil
Yes....people eat too much crap
Yes....eating too many calories will make you fat

You just can't say "carbs" and not differentiate between fruits/veg and cereals/pasta.....high carbs....low carbs...who cares....just eat real carbs. Trying to argue one way is inherently better when all carbs are "real", is wasting time over the 1% that matters in overall longevity.
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