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Sigh.....this has gotten out of hand and has drifted far from my original question...haha diet is not a problem for me. I've been paleo/primal solid (except for a small cheat when on vacation or the like) since the beginning of January. MLB. Meat, leaves, berries, that’s all I've been eating. Lots of meat, veggies, and fruits. I throw in some nuts, and occasional dairy (in the form of butter or cheese made from raw milk). I've also been IFing on and off for a few weeks at a time. Found that, for me at this time in my life, I can only do it for little spurts of time and keep my sanity.

My original question was centered solely around the fear that if I worked out with weights to much now and developed any extra mass, and then switched to more of an endurance type routine once I entered basic or prior to, excess mass that was not being used (you need less muscle mass to do a pushup at ~180 pounds bw than to bench press a ~350 pounds or more barbell) would end up being stored as body fat.

This question was answered by a few of the 35 posts, so thank you to those who answered it.
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