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Originally Posted by Timothy Scalise View Post
interesting, I never really knew there were different types of kettlebells to be honest, nor compititions for them. and I know what you mean i like using the bigger weights makes me feel like a beast even though its light lol. when I do 70kg snatches I use the green and yellow plates so it looks like its more with the 2 plates. lol.
Grivory Sport is pretty awesome. I've done two informal competitions and I've not done overly well - the competitions are 10 minute sets and you can't put the bell down during that time frame and you can only switch hands once. It sucks on a level that should only be tested ocassionally.

I'm not much for truly training GS, but I do it for cardio when I'm not event training heavily. Otherwise, I use the bells "hard style" or for explosiveness - similar to O/L. But I hear you on using the greens and yellows. Makes me feel heeeuuuggggggeee.

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