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Default Enter my first Olympic Event

I just entered my first Olympic meet today. I am looking for some assistance on things to expect. The meet will be sanctioned by the USAW and held at the local YMCA on April 26th. I would have liked more time to prepare however I only found out about the meet from an article in the paper. I am an avid Crossfitter. The meet will be held 2 days after my one year Crossfit anniversary. During that time I have made some major headway in my overall fitness. I'm using the meet as a reward/sounding board for how far I've come. To date I've gone from 265 to 217 body weight, CFT from 830 to 1025, and my Fran time from 14:59 to 5:57. I have gone from doing 2 pull ups to doing 21 consecutively. I really enjoy the Olympic lifts. My goal is to try and get more sound in my technique, compete, have fun, and set a couple of PR's. any advice would be greatly appreciated. I have even contemplated cutting weight down to 95 kg. Just a few tidbits of info about myself. I turned 35 in Feb. so I will be in the Masters division. I have C&J 255#. I have only snatched 155#. Although I have only started to put in some major time on the snatch. I have read G. Everett's book. Most of my Olympic experience came from playing college football. Thanks in advance.
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