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Probably diminishing returns and overthinking things. Assuming you've got your food quality and training dialed in, the next best trick, IMHO, to try is nutrient timing around exercise (e.g., eating LC through most of the day, and eating all carbs post exercise) to take advantage of the fat mobilization benefits of low insulin. Then would be IF, and cyclic dieting (manipulation of caloric intake and carb content).

Working time of day eating is well into diminishing returns. Besides which, as I understand, the nightime anabolism is GH related, and high insulin levels post-meal will interfere with GH levels. But even worrying about that is off the deep end. Keep it simple: good food, at caloric deficit, with sufficient protein, and good training, with enough breaks (cheat days, higher carb days, time off lower calories) to keep everything from going to hell.
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