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Thanks for the responses, and in answer to your question, I guess it is more of a twinge than re-injury. Really it seems to just be a scale:

-Original injury, popping feeling, lots of swelling, lots of pain, limping for three days
-Get out of the car wrong, same popping feeling, a little pain, ok by the end of the day
-Yesterday slight jog crossing the street, same pop, some swelling, lots of pain, limping for two days but not as bad as the original injury

These minor setbacks just seem to be happening on a regular enough basis that it has a 'two steps forward, one back' feel to it. Regardless, it seems like FF is out for this year *sigh*. But I will definitely get the MRI and get it fixed up as best as I can; longevity is far more important to me. Thanks again for your help.
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