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Yeah, if you can buddy up with a coach, that will be a huge help in counting attempts and pacing your warm-ups.

I still consider myself a comp. newbie, but here are some things I've found useful so far (most of which I learned the hard way ):

Unless you're one of the first lifters, the biggest pain in the ass will probably be the timing of your warm-ups. If you do end up going solo, try to figure out the order of lifting as soon as possible and make sure to periodically check the competitor's cards (on the announcer's table) in between your warm-up lifts...take note of any large jumps and/or potential bottlenecks, where a bunch of people are taking the same weight. Figure that anyone starting about 10kgs or more below your opener will most likely take all 3 of their lifts before you go. Pay attention to attempt changes and listen to the announcer for who's "on deck" and who's "in the hole."

If you haven't already, determine the timing and warm-up sequence you feel comfortable with in working towards your 1st attempts. If for some reason your warm-ups aren't feeling so hot on competition day, don't hesitate to drop your opener by a few kgs. It's your first meet after all, so nothing wrong in being conservative.

Beyond that, make sure to wait for the down signal and follow the bar down when lowering it to the platform.

Pack your bag the night before and I'd suggest bringing tape, band-aids, water and food in addition to your USAW card, warm-up clothes, singlet and shoes...I HAVE seen people forget their shoes, of all things! Also, bring a video camera so you can post your lifts here in celebration of your first comp.

Good luck and have a blast!
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