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Originally Posted by Andrew Wilson View Post
So starting back in Oly, I've really began to discover the muscles imbalances I have developed from doing random workouts & body weight/ mono type training. This week I've come across a very minor case of chondromalacia patellae in my right knee. I should be able to recover soon, but the cause is very, very obvious, check out these squats:

I've always had this issue ever since I started Oly in high school, yet never really solved them. Being a wrestler then, weight cutting would always detrain the gains. Now out of college, I started Oly again and things like this are starting to be exposed. I figured the knee bend has to do with being quad dominant, so bought Starting Strength a few weeks ago and have been reading up on how to activate the hamstrings. Worked very well so far and continued to work heavy squats to fix it. Now, I've come across this chondromalacia patellae and have realized I need to put more focus in fixing this. There's definitely something going on with the right knee, I can see it in all squat, snatch, and clean videos...

Does anyone have an recommendations on how to rehab/fix this?

I'm going to rest it until I quit hearing the grinding noise in the joint, then starting doing pistols to retrain alignment. My leg strength right now is the strongest its every been. I've gained 7 pounds just this month...
Thanks AW

I've battled a pair of knees with this condition., ultimately needing surgical relocation of both kneecaps and extensive cartilage "remoldeling" the rehab for this took more than 5 years. I'll dig out some stuff I have on kneehab but first a couple highlights...if you're smarter than me you'll do the following.

You will abandon the concept of quad dominance, Tom Platz, Dan Jansen and Eric Heiden were quad dominant. Unless you have 4 inch thick slabs of meat hanging over your knee, you're not quad dominant, you just have a weak ass and hamstrings.

You'll believe it when people tell you that little knee problems of this kind are included (along with Wu Tang Clan) in the overarching category of " things to not fuck with."

You won't rely on advice on the internet about a potentially crippling knee condition...yes it sounds like hyperbole, it's not.

If you value your knees you will abandon the theory that pistols retrain anything, and treat them along with olympic lifts as an amusing parlor tricks for now.

You will embrace the box squat, the romanian deadlift, the glute ham raise and TKE's.

You will see as many competent sports med doctors as it takes and work through aggressive and early PT will do the silly little excercise they give you however preposterous because PT works...when people actually do it.
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