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Originally Posted by Andrew Wilson View Post
Interesting, how'd it originally occur? I've CrossFitted for 3 years and deadlifts, box squats, GHR never really helped the problem. There was a period of 12 weeks where all I did was Fran 3 to 4, 5 times a week on a medicine ball with additional wods on the in between days and it disproportionately trained my legs at certain angles. So I have a pelvic tilt forward when I push loads up.
Mine occurred when I was a bike racer. The start was very subtle, almost an itch under the kneecap early in the pre season. I suspect it was squatting technique issue like yours, pronounced postural problems from cycling coupled with several months of 400 mile weeks on the bike.

Box squatting and heaploads of hamstring work done in the context of a bunch of sloppy metcons will only make matters worse.

I don't want to come off as a total ass but that squat vid is a horror show. if that were a max balls out squat I could see suffering through one of those reps but man alive, regardless of knee condition, it's time to take something off that bar and learn how to squat. Again. no offense intended, there's just no nice way to say it.
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