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Originally Posted by Steven Low View Post
Stretch your IT bands HEAVILY....

Strengthen your VMO. TKEs work... squats with someone between your legs that you're squeezing (or wall squats with a pillow or something).

Basically get the medial side of the leg stronger and loosen up the lateral side. Strengthen the hammies.

The tendency of some patellofemoral syndrome is to have the knees collapse in when they squat.

Pretty much what Dave said though.
as a starting proposition, jut strengthening the VMO and hamstrings may clear some stuff up.

here's a little routine I used to do do every night whilst watching Le Tube
requires one green band. I worked up to this over time and after PT had ended.
  • do about a 100 TKE's per side in sets of maybe 20-50 with a green band.
  • then stretch the hamstrings and IT bands super duper lightly for about 10 min with bands.
  • then foam roll the IT band lightly...very lightly, don'e go all aggro with the roller.
  • then stretch the hip flexors.
  • then do some band Good Mornings...this is the time and place for that "pumped up feeling" the BB guys talk about. you want to literally pump blood into your hamstrings, glutes and low back. if you have a super light KB this would be a good thing too.
  • then do quad sets, basically hold a ball, (soccer, basketball, foot ball) between your knees and lock you legs in extension and then flex your quads hard holding the contraction for a couple maybe 3 seconds. do 50-100 as a minimum.
  • then do the TKE's again, work up to a couple hundred.
at the end of the day, I really I believe that nothing is better for f'ed up knees and a screwy squat than wide stance box squats with a vertical shin. when you are able to return to regular squatting it will be terrible and slow, you might miss depth and the rack will feel all wrong, but your hips will be stronger and you'll have built a good foundation for squatting as you bring your feet back in.
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