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I think Poliquin is an 80/20 genius. 80% of his stuff is dead on, 20% bat%$*t crazy. DB snatches "dangerous"? Come on. That said. I did the v-diet. No rocket science there, it is about the most bone simple protein sparing modified fast I can imagine. It's no healthy, it's not long term. It's a brutal slap in the face to get rolling.


Starting stats were 30+% BF, 38 plus inch waist, a good deal of belly fat, I was inspired by DJ's results so I sucked it up and shilled out for the stuff.

Started on Oct. 30th. 2006 Followed the v-diet regime as Rx'd for two and a half weeks,

Basically 5-6 shakes per day, mostly the biotest brand, (have to say I still like biotest the best because it mixes easily., I thin low carb proetiewn shakes taste like crap.)

Started with the thermogenics (hot rox) but they gave me heartburn.

Lot's of fish oil. Coffee, water green tea. Tons of NEPA. I also switched out to a 5x5x5 lifting program. Squats, Deads, Clean, Press and Dumbell Snatches.

I went hard for two weeks, then... my dad got cancer, my house remodel stalled and my job went crazy...STRESSmonkey syndrome. The diet was starting to seem like a diversion so I backed off a little and added in one solid meal per day. basically a can of tuna over lettuce.


This saved the day. I stuck with that protocol for 6 weeks. Lost about 30 pounds. Not much muscle loss if any to be honest. Now I'm down to about 20%BF. Size 34 pants. I have cheat days every weekend but kept it pretty under control (most of the time).

I lost mostly belly fat, lost cravings for a lot of crap foods and quit drinking beer (mostly) I still drink Guinness and red wine about twice a week.


Strength levels steadily rose throughout diet. Although not quickly, I hit PRs in Deadlift, DB Snatch and Front squat. The lifts I paid no attention to went up the most. The ones I hammered, like cleans and presses stayed flat. I did ZERO metcon. I had work capacity of a Chevy 235, fine just off idle, redline's at about 3200. I did do lots of NEPA, mostly biking to and from work...slow and low that is the tempo.


I was very intentional about transitioning off. I was very slow to add carbs, very slow to add kcal.s

I rode out the holiday season on a modified low carb-ish diet, at about maintenance calories and lost another 5 to 6 more pounds into January. I then switched to a strength based program and went to all solid food and a slight kcal surplus. All my lifts immediately went up and my neck, back and quads grew very quickly.


Since I did it, my wife and another friend have tried it. My wife is down 15 pounds in 4 weeks. My friend can't seem to hack the shakes but is making slow progress on a real food version of the same protein-ish fast

I sheepishly recommend it because it is so simple and it worked great for me. I'd recommend it to anyone who is pissed off enough to try a radical change. My wife waited to do it until our youngest quit breastfeeding.

For me it lived up to the hype. I currently on an IF protocol (calorie restricted) to get down to 15-18% BF where I'll be happy to stay. If IF doesn't deliver for me, I'd do a protein fast again in a heartbeat.
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