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Dan John and I talked about this.

And, yes, "control" is the issue. For example 18-20 hour fast a day for me, no problem, because I know if I eat something I fail. Eat NO carbs....easy...

6 Zone meals a it's getting tricky. While I've gotten good results with the Zone in the past, the whole balancing act is begging for me to mess it up. Undisciplined? Sure, I am. I realize this. The very act of denial makes me more disciplined.

So, we get into the topic that I've thought about a lot lately. That's the philosophical appropriateness of a dietary and exercise regimen to an individual.

For example: I've stated that I absolutely abhor the 5x5 rep scheme. No real reason for it, I just don't like it. Is me doing ladders of 1/2/3 instead of sets of five going to compromise me? No. Plus, since I've bought into it, I'm going to be more likely to comply.
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