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Default What are your favorite programming/fitness/technique/history texts?

I want to branch out my understanding of training, programming, physiology, and theory, and in that vein would like to know of more authors and books I should be reading. This is with regards to pretty much any sport.

My focus is Olympic weightlifting, but my interest knows no bounds. Is there some dude who wrote the bible on football tactics? Post it here! A nerd who expounds endlessly on proper programming for hurdlers? That's good too! A history of handbalancing? It sounds cool!

This has come about because while I'm interesting Oly lifting, I realized I haven't read that much written by coaches--especially anyone from Eastern Europe where ostensibly a great deal of valuable information lies.

I mean, the general training books I know of that are good are Dreschler's Weightlifting Encyclopedia. Everett's Olympic Weightlifting, Rippetoe's Practical Programming and Starting Strength, and Sommer's Gymnastic Bodies. I know there are more schools of thought out there, and more information to dig up, but not really where to start looking for it (especially in the case of foreign coaches and trainers).

It is my hope that this thread could become a great general reference for anyone looking to get more in-depth into theory and history of any particular sport, or of muscle development and programming in general.
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