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Like Steve I find that with IF it's a lot easier to manage your meals when you know you have absolute cut off times.

When doing the 6 meal a day thing I found it was easy to get off track if life/work got in the way, sometimes at a installation I'd miss 3-4 meals just because an escort was needed to go anywhere out of the building. Then I'd be ravenous by the time I got to eat anything and eat until sated. I did have long term success with this method but I felt it was easy to break discipline if I couldn't get my meals at the 2-3 hour intervals.

I did a smoothie fast from the book The Detox Diet by Dr. Haas, I did it basically to support my wife when she was doing it. Holy crap talking about gnawing hunger, it was basically get all your calories in by smoothie except for lemon water in the morning plus a fruit to "detox" the body. No supplements/caffiene other than what he outlined in his book, herbal teas, things like greens powder, milkweed thistle...etc. This smoothie thing killed me, even though I got all my cals I was craving in the worst way just to chew something after day 5, I caved after day 10, my wife made it all 2 weeks. The things I didn't like about this diet was just that I just wanted texture in my mouth, at times I would salivate thinking about biting something crispy. Also this was a gnawing hunger like 30 minutes after a shake and my next shake was 2-3 hours away.

With that being said I did think about trying the V-diet after following Dan's log and wondering if I could follow that better than the Detox diet, but my wife would kill me if I bought all those supplements and blew the family budget.

I'd be curious to how you felt if you decided to try it, maybe a log?
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