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I'll offer my input on the exercise science side.

Supertraining by Mel Siff is a good exhaustive textbook on strength science. I am currently reading it myself.

Here's a recommended reading list I got from somebody else:

1.Review of medical physiology by William F. Ganong
2. Color atlas of physiology by A. Despopoulos
3. Exercise physiology: energy, nutrition and human performance by
Mcardle, Katch&Katch
4. Exercise physiology: human energetics and its applications
by Brooks, Fahy and Baldwin
5. Nueromechanics of human movement R. Enoka
6. Metabolic integration: a human perspective by K.N Frayn
7. Motor Control And Learning: A Behavioral Emphasis by R. Shmidt
and Lee
8. Strength and Power in sport by Paavo Komi
9. Adaptation in sports training, A. Viru
10. Hormones in muscular activity, by A. Viru
12. Science and practice of sport training by. Zatsiorsky
13. Programming and organization by Verkhoshansky
14. Fundamentals of special strength training in sport by Verkhoshansky
15. Special strength training: a practical manual for coaches by
16. Periodization: Theory and Methodology of Training by T. Bompa

I believe #4 is regarded as THE textbook for exercise physiology, but it's advanced, so #3 is a better place to start. Viru is essential to understanding the biochemical changes that our body undergoes during exercise. Verkhoshansky is a must read. Zatsiorsky is a must read as well.
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