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Originally Posted by Allen Yeh View Post
I'd miss 3-4 meals just because an escort was needed to go anywhere out of the building
Who knew you worked at the chicken ranch????

I agree with Shaf...complete control, so you are not going over calories for a short period of time. Seems to have enough protein in it to spare muscle loss...and also adds in the ole PWO shake where pretty much all your carbs come from.

Elliot I am going to say No about playing hockey and other intense anaerobic with the limited cal and glycogen stores going to be bottomed will most likely eat up alot more muscle and drop your immune system by overtraining...I believe this diet is meant only for 2-3 weight sessions a week and lower HR cardio (if any).

I'm not a bodybuilder...but I wonder if this type of diet down has been around before that older veterans might have used in their days.

It still intrigues me about the health it is basically a "protein" shake fast. Probably a great tool to use after a "eat as much as you want" mass gaining period.
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