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Default Plantar Fasciitis?

Anyone have any experience in this realm? I'm currently at Fort Leonard Wood, for MP officer training and have been running quite a bit.

If you open up this webpage the picture on the right handside is almost exactly where the pain is. I first noticed it 4/1 and last week all the running didn't seem to help things, by the end of the week I'd been icing it and rubbing the triggerpoints on my left calf and it seemed to be better. Until today after a 2.5 mile trail run things seem to be pretty painful again.

I've been double dosing the fish oil, otherwise my diet is the best I can do with the food provided for me at the dining halls. I've been icing the area with a frozen water bottle, stretching my calves, massaging the triggerpoint
The one on the far left is most accurate on where the pain is.

My only options medically are to make an appointment with podiatry at the Military Hospital and I've not had great experiences with military medicine, my guess is they will recommend I go buy the best supported shoe out there for flat feet and maybe give me a ultra dose of motrin.

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