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Those were amazing results. Aside from the fat loss I have to think health is most important. I imagine you did gain back some water weight after it was over due to glycogen and water replenishment? What kind of eating plan do you follow now to keep those results? More like a Zone approach?

I deal mostly with the "American Public"...aka fat, overweight, high BP, arthritis, etc..etc..You know the ones that will no way in hell follow a 5-6x a day eating plan...and may not be strong enough to do something like a V-Diet. I wish I dealt with higher end people who would tought it out....but alas the majority of people are really not wanting to do Frans and "suck it up" on the diet....although I can always tell them too. I have learned over the years however not to become too much of a friend and get more tough with them...but not so tough I scare them off and they dont get healthy.

Anyways....where I was going with that is, do you or anyone think there is some sort of middle ground for the average person where they do say 1-2 real meals and 3-4 liquid ones? Real meals being only protein, veg, and healthy fat? Can a person do shakes all day and have a dinner of food at night and still get those results? Dunno...just trying to figure out something that my clients would realistically follow....and esp the fasting part and health benefits are of interest due to the amount of people with autoimmune disorders and inflammation issues....that's a grey area considering all the meds some people could be on too......Hmmmmm.....lots to think about....
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