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I have gone through phases and am currently in a twice a week type phase. I don't know all the names but I take many different types at the gym I work at. We are lucky to have superb yoga instructors and I do have quite a bit of experience it is rare for a globo gym but it is a large draw for our clientele. Any how some of the benefits I have been enjoying are more solid bottom positions in squats and pulls from the floor. As well as allowing my shoulder connective tissue to begin to open up. This being said I am in no way going for a yoga award in the depth of my poses I have no interest in becoming more than functionally flexible and once I have reached this depth in a pose I hold it and increase my strength in these positions.

Although I do use yoga to enhance my lifting and gymnastic work I still receive the benefit of the meditative mental absorption in the practice as well as the relaxation of the final pose AKA lying perfectly still on your back with your eyes closed. I find it a very restorative physical activity and I need more of those in my life.

P.S. Feel free to make fun of me it is nothing compared to some of the looks I get by the Yogi's in class. LOL
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