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i haven't been doing yoga dilligently enough recently. i messed myself up falling down some stairs a month or 2 ago (i put up a post about in in the fighting forum). i kept training in that state and eventually hurt one shoulder. when i thought i could come back to training, i overused my other shoulder and now it is messed up. they are both hurting in different places.

anyways i'm backing off of training for a bit to let stuff heal and in the meantime i've been doing a lot more yoga. after watching kelly starett (sp?) talk about PNF in the CFJ, i have been really focusing on building a lot of tension in the bottom of many poses. the result is that i'm really finding a lot of tension that i had been ignoring for a while. I think i agree with garrett's statement that too much yoga these days focuss on relaxing. after trying more PNF in my poses as opposed to constant relaxation, i'm opening up a lot of formerly tense areas.

my shoulders are already starting to feel better, although that could just be because i'm doing a NSAID bomb for 2 weeks, and i haven't taken any NSAIDS for about a year.

i find that anytime i could go to a yoga class, i could probably be training BJJ. thus i always choose BJJ because that's my goal hah. yoga DVD's fit much better into those holes where no BJJ class meets up.

there's a BJJ tourney in columbus this saturday. i hope nobody shoulder locks me...
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