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Don't avoid YRG because you think it is too much work. It isn't. The length of the workouts is what makes it so great.

Bikram, IMO, since it is designed to be a stand-alone workout for single-minded yoga maniacs, is actually way too much of an energy drain to work into a mixed-modality training system like many here do. The other problem I found with it is that one session of Bikram wasn't enough, two was good, but two also left me feeling fatigued for my other workouts.

I've become more and more fond of 60min. or less yoga sessions.

Iyengar is good for noobs to yoga, they are totally form-obsessed, great to learn the basics of alignment. I couldn't imagine only doing that style, though...I went to a lady who I later heard was a bit OCD form-wise...some classes we would only get through about 5 poses!
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