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Default Training for a half marathon

I am planning on competing in a 1/2 marathon in either Sept or Oct of this year.

I'm typically not a fan of running, but I am really into this mostly for the personal mental challenge and for the accomplishment. I've little experience with any significant running in the past, so I don't have much unlearning to do. i've been working on Pose a bit for a few months but will have to ratchet that up.

- plan to spend at least 3 months race prep, and actually hope to start dialing in my diet in the next week or two and get especially strict in the 60-90 days leading up to race day.

- I do not generally want to bias myself toward endurance conditioning overall, as I don't want to lose muscle and sacrifice overall fitness for one 13 mile effort.

- I plan to eat a pretty strict Zone with Paleo as much as reasonably possible - I'm 6'3" and about 210 now so plan to go for probably 24 blocks (puts target weight at 168 which seems even on the low side - more blocks??)

I've seen all sorts of training advice, but I'm curious as to what works best for most. I was going to go with mostly CF workouts with maybe once weekly distance efforts. If I'm strict in my programming and diet, I am hoping this will lead to the preparedness I will need.

CF endurance looks like a little much, in my opinion with a substantial endurance effort daily in addition to a full WOD.

Any advice / suggestions / criticism of diet and/or plans would be greatly appreciated.
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