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BS (high)
feeling knees a little
loosened up, bar again. feeling okay.
95 massaged out ITBs.
135 pretty solid, knees feel fine
[some dude started to work in]
185x3 fine
205x5 9.8 fair. some butt rise.
205x5 9.88 pretty heavy. butt rise. solid though, and knees okay.
205x5 9.92 last rep a grinder

Tried to contrive cross pulls. Tried hanging from knees with 10lb DBs, didn't work well, extremely dangerous. Ended up using cable machines, kneeling in middle.
6x5. elbows feeling a little stiff.

Platform play...

Suitcase DL 135 L R

Straddle DL
155 R L
185 R L
205 R L
225 L. need chalk, had none. chalked up in some dirt by the wall and put a little tape on bar.
225 R f. slipped out.
225 R vid. solid. hook grip of course.

DL 225

Bent press
45 R L
65 R f
65 R L
95 R trying to keep arm straight. hard stuff. going fairly fast.
95 L

Tried to zercher DL 95 and wasn't happening

R then L straddle 2 hand DL (Jefferson) 95

OHS 95x5

Suitcase DL 95 5 each side. actually feel that in the back a bit, and slightly winded.

Ab slideouts with hands on towel. Knees on bar tampon. Quite a lot of friction, turnaround very hard. 5 reps. Then used bar with 25lb bumpers, that's easier, 5 reps. Then one slow dragon flag on bench, resting on scapulae, toes pointed, straight, reversing at horizontal. Then another rep that didn't quite reverse.

Tabata calf raise
24 much burn
no shoes, timed, full ROM, passive rest.


305x3 losing grip
325x3 alt hook grip. back rounding.
305x3 hook grip. tough but aight. slight rounding.
305x3 almost lost grip on last. L grinder.

Fiddled with 45lb DBs but knees REALLY were hurting. PNF hams and straddle (against wall), quads against wall.


some dude working in
205x3 9.999 last one awful
185x3 9.98 last grinder. feeling knees a little afterwards.
155x5 9.45 knees wavering some, no big butt rise.

Clean and Jerk
trying to fix jerk
65x3 good
95x3 good
135x3 solid
155x2 pretty bad
155x1 vid. poor.


Weighed in at 171. Goodness.
Knees pretty bad. DL's all that seems smart.

135 all feels fine
185x4 fine
235x3 pretty heavy. knees fine.
255x1 fine
335x1 grip peeling
355x1 9.87 heavy...
375x1f 9.95 got it up a few inches.
335x2 9.89 thumbs hurting, dizzy.
335x2 9.91 some lumbar rounding on second. thumbs, dizzy.
335x2 9.9
315x4 9.3
Clearly over 20lb short of my old DL PR.

Did a couple C&J at 115 after some dude did grace, helped him with his third pull. Then 5 OHS at 115, feels weird without shoes.

Push presses at 95 to work on jerk form.
95x4 vid. good!
95x4 vid. felt good. staying TOTALLY on ground, feet flat. banging up clavicles though.
95x4 accidentally jerked the first rep. also hit jaw on one...

Much stretching and foam rolling


Fuck I'm looking lean.

Gymnastics. Goodly number of handstand attempts in between everything. Mostly just playing on pbars. Got a moy to upper arms! Also backward roll from basket (probably not a skill, but cool), and really quite decent front uprise. Swings solid too. Next time work on KIP!

Knees bad earlier but good by gymnastics, much stretching, felt fine through workout, much stretching and PNF and foam rolling at home.


Experimenting with some stuff for the knees.

Stretched out quads

Some highbar BS with 65 and 95
Split squats with 95
Bulgarian split squats, rear foot on 45lb bumper on box (too high frankly)
95x5 each side. difficult to coordinate. feel the quads though! wobbly.
95x5 these are hard to do. sweaty. lower back feeling it.
Regular split squats with 95. hurting the off-knee. these are a little easier though.
Stretched quads
Some stick OHS

95x5 okay
115x5 okay. feels like knees are dipping in a tad at bottom, lower back a little tight. I should do these more.
135x5 (power clean and BNK jerking). oof, hard.

Step-ups to 2' box
95x5 each side. very hard. stepped with slight rock-off. landed straightlegged.


Morning gymnastics, dragged along Oliver. Some moys (got one good one; need to make sure to tuck), some other pbars (bunch of swings, some front uprises -- two okay ones -- some routines), a bit of ring stuff (swings felt crappy and were uneven; did one each inlocate/dislocate), some kip attempts on low bar and pbars (not great), some highbar basics (pullovers and hip circles; think I almost had a clear hip by accident), some scissor hop attempts on pommel (got fairly close on one), general tomfoolery, some cartwheels and a fair number of handstand attempts (starting to be able to recover from fall-towards-feet by arching out). Hands fairly beat up.

Shit, what happened to my lower back? Don't think I did anything specific. Maybe just working out in the morning, spine not yet ready for flexion? Kinda tired too cause not enough sleep. Ate a bunch of cookies and slept early.


Slept looong. Ate a few more cookies and spent the day studying. Lumbar still tight but cleared up much as day progressed. Knees okay.


Gymnastic. Just Ken and Alex. Bunch of handstands (eh), bit of floor, worked on moys (must not twist or anything, just stay solid), got it pretty consistent, couple front uprises, then worked on kips.

GOT THE KIP! I DREAMT THE WHOLE THING LAST NIGHT AND IT ALL HAPPENED. Ripped up big time but taped, grips, and finally started to get it on the bar. Just need the right timing and mucho power. Got one good one on pbars too, sorta harder. Much thanks to Alex. Got one on video, looks gooood.

Tried some ring swings, pretty bad, spent some time in turned-out support (better than it used to be), managed one L. Three sets of max hanging leg raises, some hollow rocks (hmm, lumbar acting up again), some stretching, done. Wheeeee.


BS highbar
stretched, 5 OHS@95
bar feels good.
95 really good
135 still good, bit less solid
155 starting to feel left knee.
stretched quads
185x5 9.1. some butt rise. knees fine.
205x5 9.95 really tough. biggg butt rise on last. knees feel fine though. some diving.
stretched quads
195x5 9.899 pretty big butt rise, knees fine. feeling quads in a good way.
185x5 9.8 what you'd figure. knees fine.

Played with leg extensions for knees. 4 sets, 105 degree angle, weight at 5, 6, 7, 8. quads burn.

Hanging leg raises to soft failure, 3 sets.

Tabata calf raise
?, 36, 34, 26. incorporated lateral angles as much as possible, which shortened ROM some. passive rest, no shoes.
Then reverse calf raises (on heels), not bad.


BS highbar
stretched quads
155 knees fine, bit wobbly.
185x5 9.4 some buttrise.
205x5 9.89 hard. serious GM on last couple.
195x5 9.89 same business
185x5 9.82.

Set of 5 hanging leg raises, realized how deep ab soreness is from last time, called it quits.

Leg extensions
kinda hurts knees.

Tabata calf raises
Untimed and uncounted, multiangular, alternated with reverse raises, passive rest, no shoes.

<took off 4 days. feeling overtrained. ate a lot and did very little, let pains ease. really helped.>


BS highbar
bar. knees feel GREAT.
195x5 9.79. bit heavy but good.
210x5 9.865 heavy, but all feels good. just slightly favoring left side.
215x5 9.97 felt like I tweaked lumbar on second. otherwise QUITE heavy but still solid.
205x5 9.86 feeling the back a bit, but solid.
good stuff!

saw a dude pulling and joined in for fun.
125 etc. just playing.
160x3. lumbar complaining. guess I'll stop.

BP. worked in with someone.
175. rests are minimal due to sharing.
185x5 f3. oof.
165x5 feeling elbows a bit (pbar-type soreness).


3 rounds
10 35lb DB snatch (5 each side)
25 situps
4:03. probably the easiest metcon I've ever done. situps a bit challenging.

Knees FINE.


Groin sore.

BS lowbar
fsed bar
bsed bar
stretched quads
185x5 8.05
225x5 9.25 heavy but totally solid. nice bounce. feels nice to lowbar again, been a while. feel a little lower ab hernia-type pain on completion.
235x5 9.91 classic grind. some twisting towards left. felt solid.
225x5 9.9999 true max.

all dead stop
95x5 felt lumbar
105x5 9.7 last just slightly hard
105x4 9.95 almost f on 4th, stopped. left side rising faster.
feeling lumbar. took a fair rest.
105x5 9.94 some L>R dominance again. LG.


5 rounds
7 kipping pullups
7 40lb DB swing (eye level)
Difficulty 8.8
Intensity: 6.9
easy, felt fine.

Tabata calf raise, front and back, ~4 rds, untimed and uncounted, no shoes, passive rest, multiangular.

Usual stretching plus PNF hams and adductors. Much quads.


BS highbar.
bar. some dudes are working in for pullups on the cage.
95 feeling a bit tweaky, nasty.
135 left knee
155 aight.
185x5 8.5 slowed but that's it.
205x5 9.0 bit of wobble on last couple. rack hurting a little.
225x5 9.9 last real close.
215x5 9.9 screamed on last. but of knee dive.
205x5 9.8999 similar.
kinda getting gassed from these, hard to recover from.

Weighted dips
Palms slightly in, DB in thighs, torso vertical as possible, deep.
BWx5 feeling a little tweaky
25x5 pretty easy
40x5 starting to feel heavier
45x5 8.9
50x5 9.7 LG
50x5 9.79 last 1.5 grinder
50x5 f5 9.85. failed towards bottom.


Rowed at aerobic pace. 121 drag (can't increase higher on this machine)
3:21 711m (2:29/500) @ 23SPM. paused to help girl with something and cramped up. feeling the cardio, plus ab cramp and lower back.
Rest then
712m in 3:25 (2:23/500) @ 23SPM. abs and lower back ouchy. I'm beat.


BS highbar.
stretched quads
165 fine
185x5 8.5
205x5 9.3 LG (well, a little slow anyway). nada pain. cool.
235x5 9.9 buttrise on last 2.
235x5 9.98 heavy. saw buddha.
220x5 9.97 much buttrise.

10 15lb supinated pullups, just because the DB was there

Weighted dips
30x5 short rests
55x5 9.1 slower on last couple
55x5 9.5
50x5 9.4


~2 mins on rower, hard-ish.
Fast walk on treadmill. 5:03, .34 miles, grade 4.0. quick feet. feeling the cardiorespiratory. sigh.


Bit of a recovery day.

115x3 okay
135x1f [the log says "forked." what?]
135x1 not great
145x1 needed a bit of rough stabilization overhead
155x1f awful
155x1 f f f. sigh. give it up.


Oliver is doing 20 box jumps, 20 burpees, 500m, 3 rds. I row 500 when he rows and rest otherwise, so basically intervals.
1. 1:35.1 42SPM. flew out to about a 1:23 split, felt nice. just short of halfway completely bonked.
2. 2:02.0 29SPM. fell apart ridiculous shortly in. could barely move at all. true metcon gassing. was hitting splits of 2:20 or more
3. 2:00.4 29SPM. could barely move arms.
Intensity 10
DIfficulty 8.5
Didn't feel right for a while, could not catch breath.


Really, really goddamned tired.

BS highbar
stretched quads
185x5 heavy.
205x5 9.6
225x5 9.99 LG. very dizzy. okay, this will not be a serious day.
205x5 9.8 knees feeling a bit wobbly.
205x5 9.8.

Hanging leg raises, WL shoes on
10lb DB in feet x5, feet to bar, shoulder flexion, a little knee bend
10lb x3 f4 heavy.
BWx10, explosive.

Some one-handed juggling with 25lb plate
then series of alternating-hand sets of 5 powerful swings w/35lb DB.
Just play, very easy.


Running. 800m at jog, felt aight, very rough on lungs. Rest. 800m at 10s walk/10s run. Chest pain and pain behind ears (?), headed indoors to use treadmill. 1 mile at about 7mph for each .25 (last .3), then about 3mph for .10. Grade 1.5%. Fair enough.

Ankles and legs held up remarkable well. Just a bit of left knee twinge afterwards.

Plank on elbows to soft failure, everything tight. Then straight arms on fists. Then facing up, arms straight and behind. Then left side, straight arm, legs on top of each other. Then right side. Some stretching and boogied.


WOW, actually QUITE sore. Ankles/calves some from running, sure, but whole body really -- must be the damned planks! Also dan and I got a little worked up last night bouncing around a blown-up glove with cardboard tubes while drunk... drunken exercise tends to make me sore... aaanyway.

Borrowed oliver's KB (55lb) and just did some general shit at home. Fair number of swings, 1 and 2 handed, mostly sets of 5-10. Some clean and jerks, some snatches (hurts forearms, form needs work), a few windmills, front squats in sets of 5, a few DLs and suitcase DLs and such. Actually really getting gassed from swings and such.
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