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Originally Posted by Dave Van Skike View Post
Mike. I think if you look back through Dan's log and the experience of others you'll see that a "middle ground" is pertty tough to Mintain. Shaf hit it on the ehad. With IF and V-diet there is a clear line between On and Off. When you are a 1000 kcal in the red, it makes sense tro simplify your choices.
Dave thanks for your experiences. I was looking to see if 3 shakes and 2 meals gives the same fat loss and health benefits of the all shakes method. In the end....if the calories are the exact same I would imagine fat loss will be identical...since fat loss is a calorie in vs out equation.

Some people who may not be able to stick out a all liquid diet may have success with a mixed bag....again assuming all calories are identical as that is the real factor.
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