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it's a straight up powerlifting gym.nearly everyone competes in USAPL, IPF or WABDL, and so pretty rigourously drug while it's always possible, none of the regulars get to use steroids. It's hidden in a basement underground in Downtown Seattle. no website, no sign on the door. It's perfect. there are no similar facilities on this side of the mountains that i know about, there are some really strong gyms over in eastern washington and I think portland but not here. the coach who runs it was himself coached by doyle kenady. because we're the only place with 1000 pound tires a monolift and three dl platforms we do tend to get a lot of talent through the door. a couple pro SM guys from time to time and lot's of really talented PL'ers.

it's a pretty broad cross section of people, one former state supreme court justice, several lawyers, a DEA agent, a Blackwater employee, several engineers and two tattoo artists.

but in terms of the men, I'm pretty small. I think I'm the only that lifts raw all the time. i'm sort of in the middle, age wise. at 215-220 i'm the second smallest guy by 20 pounds...., honestly if i drank less beer, I'd probably only have you by 5 pounds Brian L.

most of the folks are masters PL athletes..I honestly don't recall but I know we have well over 100 national and world records in PL. there is a small contingent of younger people. we've got 2 guys with a legit chance of pulling over 800 this year. one of them will squat close to 1000 in his next meet. the other is likely to get a pro card in SM. there's several guys in the middle 650-750 pulls, and sporadically competing in PL and SM...

and then there's the groundlings....guys like me (several that are more serious) probably 4-5 of us knocking close to 600 pulls and 500 pound back squats and daydreaming of a 300 pound press overhead.

there is also one woman who does crossfit and one vegetarian but we're working on it.....
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